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LETTERAELLE benefits from a network of experienced publishing and communication professionals to assist the Client with each and every step of the creative project. ¬

LETTERAELLE can be your project partner and manage your publishing project from scratch to finish, processing and releasing one single volume as well as entire collections. Dynamic, smart and flexible management is ensured for each production phase to yield excellent service at a most competitive price.

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Editorial advice; Script appraisal service; Content editing; Copyediting; ISBN assignment; Correction; Page layout and graphic design; Process layout; Pre-press activities; Print, binding and finishing; Print on demand (for short runs); Turnkey publishing; Marketing; Press reviews; E-books; Evangelization booklets; Info newsletters; Newswire services (advertising campaigns; submission of press releases to editors, web sites, TV and radio stations and other media); Creation of corporate identity; Web design (buttons, banners and web sites); Subscriptions management; Catalogues, Brochures and advertising graphics.

by Timothy Keller
La Casa della Bibbia, 2012

A rebel son. A merciful father. A religious but resentful brother.
Timothy Keller uncovers the essential message of Jesus, locked inside his most familiar parable.
This book will challenge both the devout and the skeptics to see Christianity in a whole new way.

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